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CtrlAltElite  -  Ctrl Alt Elite is a pve/pvp guild playing many different games.
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soarraI'm not dead. My wife decided to get another dog. And works been hell. I shall return
Countess   We have a pulse but he is fading fast ZAP HIM!!!!
ChristopherI was gonna come on here and make fun of Malcom Subban...but then the Sabres blew a 3-0 lead with 5 mins left in the game so I decided to STFU.

Leafs still suck tho.
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Vorg   how's Eichel ? too soon ?
CountessMarchand That is all
Vorg   looking old and slow... bruins, not you countess.
soarralol Matthews sets a record and scores 4 in his first NHL game and they still lose. Sorry vorg
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soarraAstrologist guide for countess
Astrologian: Mimi's Guide to the Stars
I made this guide for my FC-mates and wanedt to share it with others to help them and to also get feedback. :-D Pros and Cons of AST Cards Buffing is AST's bread and butter and lea...
Cross class skills
Christopher   Final Fantasy?
soarra   Classes and how to unlock
Countess   this link does not work asshat
soarraTank and DPS looking for somewhat reliable healer. Must love hockey and alcohol.
Details on mumble
Countess   lol what are we looking to heal?
soarra   its a secret
Countess   well we will see
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Think I found something in developement that could eventually work

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
The official website for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, an exciting and challenging upcoming cooperative play MMORPG from Visionary Realms, Inc.
Countess   hmm looks promising need more info
Vorg   I've given up. Like Bruins playoff hopes, and a Rangers youth movement.
Countess   Just like a Leafs fan giving up even before anything begins....At least I wait until I see my D or lack of D in front of They Tukkaa my cup...
soarraAlbion online looks pretty decent. And coming out in a few months. Pve/pvp
And Camelot unchained looks good. More over and open world pve

Unchained is the same creators of DAOC

Need to tank. And I want dungeons
Countess   any links to see the games need a good MMORPG need to heal a dungeon or 2
soarra   [link]
soarra   There's some vids on site. But I'll find a YouTube vid
soarraJust closed on my house. So as soon as I get back from vacation and move in I will be around. Probably mid to late May. Hopefully a good game or 2 will be out
soarra   Office is next room I have to unbox.
Countess   Waiting for Soarra to come back is like waiting for The Leafs to Win The Cup Never going to happen
soarra   What's everyone playing ?
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